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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


From Crossfit Scars(go to):
     First- They are a bitch. Pretty simply, they suck. Injuries, even the smallest kinds, can take you out of your game, ruin your training session, and demotivate you. Sometimes they make me even want to kick baby squirrels."
     I want to kick baby squirrels. I am pissed. I hurt, sometimes so much I have considered getting a cane. To add insult to injury, when I go to the Doctor, they treat me as if I was a typical suburban Mom who rides the lifecycle 3 times a week and occasionally uses the nautilus machines. It seems inconceivable to them that I could really be working out vigorously, even though I TELL THEM. I need my knee and I need my knee to work correctly!
I accept that I am older, I accept that I have arthritis, I DO NOT accept that the only way I can make this feel better is by taking heavy duty prescription NSAIDs and this seems to be the only options that they are offering me.
So, I won't kick baby squirrels, I will do the best I can, and I will continue to seek out alternative remedies. I will persevere. That's what we do, we are Crossfitters.

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  1. haha - so true, I love this - not that you are in pain! - but the docs !
    i have just found your blog - LUV - and just started CF- LUV - guess 45 is not too old to start LOL!! ... but years of working out in a globo-gym, even there you can get hurt a little!
    Sometimes, sports med docs are a little better than the regular ones, but they still hand out the candy, oops, pills !
    Feel better !!

  2. Elizabeth-Welcome! At 45 you are a youngster :)
    Enjoy Crossfit, it is the best!