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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Substitutions Are a Pain in the______

Neck, knee, shoulder, you name it, somebody probably has a pain in it. And what happens when your injury forces you to substitute a movement in the WOD with an alternative, less painful one?

For me, this is a major stumbling block. I have the childish mentality of "wanting to be like the other kids." Intellectually I know that the subbed movements can be just as tough as the prescribed ones, but for some reason I don't feel quite as satisfied or accomplished when I substitute.

Obviously if you have a torn knee, shoulder, or you fill in the blank, it is necessary to change up your workout. It would be stupid not to. What about if you have torn-up hands from doing a mountain of pull-ups or nasty rope burns from doing a dozen rope climbs? Do you tape up the broken and bleeding skin and go for it or do a different movement?

I'm curious, what does a crossfitter do?
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  1. I totally agree. sometimes my subs are harder. My criteria for substitution is simply to ask whether the substitution works the same muscles/movement patterns as the original exercise.

  2. or, your subs may be easier (I subbed push ups today for pull ups, not a good choice)But I guess I will know better next time :)