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Sunday, April 19, 2015

From "Eat to Perform" :"Five Things Beginners Need to Know About Getting Lean"

Great article , simply stated. If you are just starting to try to LEAN out, read this article. Start out doing it the correct way!!

A Summary:

  "  You don’t need to create a huge deficit to mobilize fat; your training will keep you lean.  Stress is good, but the stress of dieting compounded with the stress of training intensely day in/day out will probably be too much and will likely have a negative impact on your body composition.  You’ve got to eat to perform and let your body do what it needs to do!


 Most diets work, but the wrong diet for the wrong person can be a disaster.  A diet should ideally become a lifestyle that you can adhere to long-term.  There is no magic macronutrient ratio ala The Zone Diet.



Energy-dense foods are the way to go if you’re an athlete.  Sedentary people may benefit from the standard “eat fewer carbs” Paleo diet but active people will tend to underfeed if they avoid starches and fatty meat.


“Eat less/do less” low carb/low Calorie diets can help you lose weight quickly, but most of it’s water.  It can be hard to tell how much fat mass you’re losing vs. how much water you’re expelling on a low carb diet, and it definitely has an impact on performance due to chronic glycogen depletion.


You need a significant amount of muscle mass before you worry about having abs!  You can starve yourself for months and strip off every ounce of fat on your body but you won’t look the way you want to without a solid foundation.  Focus on training and eating to fuel performance/muscle gains; you’ll look and feel much better.


Homeostasis is physiological stability.  Your body is great at adapting and finding its center when you feed it properly and get enough sleep.  When these factors get out of whack, body composition will degrade and you can start to underperform during your training/events.  In extreme cases, you become obese and develop metabolic disorders/cardiovascular health problems.  It’s important to look at your nutrition, training, and lifestyle as a whole when determining how you proceed with your plan.  Dynamically alter your strategy to fit in with your life, NOT the other way around.


A gradual, personalized approach will save you a lot of heartache and keep you free of injuries.  Don’t gamble on your health by trying to force things."



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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Remember friends-it is just a workout. Be SMART!
(I have a friend who has had ongoing issues with her head and neck, debilitating pain. One of the causes may be years of handstand pushups)  BE CAREFUL!

POTENTIAL RISKS OF HANDSTAND PUSHUPS: http://themovementfix.com/7-reasons-to-get-stronger-instead-of-doing-kipping-hspu/

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Thursday, March 12, 2015


I was reading Facebook and came across a list of the best Paleo Blogs on the internet.  While everyone's "favorites" are always subject to discussion I found that this list included many of my favorites. So From:


Rubies & Radishes-people new to the lifestyle


Primal Palate-everything you need to know


Real Food Liz-blog focused on healthy living


Paleoista-Loaded with useful nutritional tips, fitness advice, restaurant reviews and ideas for paleo holidays,


Nom Nom Paleo- paleo recipes, travel advice and tips on how to keep your kitchen paleo-friendly.


Paleo OMG-lifestyle blog that inserts the paleo ethos into the three f’s: food, fitness and fashion.


The Domestic Man-Thus, this blog aims to document the forgotten traditions of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and connect us back to a more sustainable way of eating.


Paleo Leap-great resource for newcomers to the paleo diet


The Primal Parent-follows the story of a mother as she builds a paleo lifestyle for her husband and children.


Everyday Paleo- family-friendly blog offers an extensive index of recipes fit for kids and adults alike.


The Paleo Mom-great resource for introducing kids of all ages to the diet


The Clothes Make the Girl-You can find tips on how to enjoy the company of non-Paleo friends and family without compromising your own healthy choices. 


Check out this link for a more complete explanation about each site and what it offers.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Crossfitter's Guide to Picking the Right Physical Therapist! OR "4 Signs You Picked The Wrong Physical Therapist"

The suggestions in this article are pretty accurate. I would suggest that a lot of these "guidelines" could also apply to picking an orthopedist. When searching for a Doctor who would treat my knee it was important to me that they understood that I was going to continue to workout (and by working out I meant Crossfit). I visited 4 Doctors until I found one that would listen to me and my concerns and go forward with my wishes in mind.


1.   Your physical therapist doesn’t have a squat rack or kettle bells.


2.   Your physical therapists doesn’t actually watch you do the activities that aggravate you.

3.   Your physical therapist gives you some handouts for home exercises that look like they were put together in the 1980s.


4.   Your physical therapist tells you to stop doing CrossFit.


"Don’t tell them to stop doing what they love. We have to teach these athletes how to maintain their bodies, improve movement faults and train in a smart manner."

 To read the entire article please click here

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

"How does Age affect improvement in CrossFit?"

From Beyond the Whiteboard:

"In this article we’ll be throwing age into the mix. We’ll explore the relationship between an athlete’s Age and improvement time in CrossFit. How much of a difference is there in improvement times between a 25 year-old and a 45 year-old? This is an especially important question when considering the validity and necessity of age-divisions in competitions, such as the various Master’s Divisions at the CrossFit Games."

" After analyzing the data, we found that there is a strong correlation between an athlete’s age and how long it took them to improve their BTWB Fitness Level by 10 levels. As an example, on average, it took 45 year old athletes nearly 2 months longer (32% longer) to improve from a level 60 to a level 70 when compared to their 25 year old counterparts."

"We know of many athletes, because of CrossFit, who claim to be more fit at 50 then they were at 30. CrossFit isn’t just trying to extend life expectancy. It’s also trying to extend the number of functionally independent, enjoyable years. A grandma who can deadlift 150 pounds is not going to have issues getting out of bed, getting dressed, picking up grandkids, etc."

To read the entire article, click HERE

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Run Slowly=Live Longer!!! WooHoo!!!!

"Plodding joggers tended to live longer than those who were faster. And in fact, the people who jogged the most frequently and at the fastest pace — who were, in effect, runners rather than joggers — did not enjoy much benefit in terms of mortality. In fact, their lifespans tended to be about the same as among people who did not exercise at all."

Read the article HERE

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