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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Awesome New Crossfit You Tube Video-"100 Words"



Crossfit Commercial Spot: 

watch it here!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Help A Fellow Crossfitter! PR For Pat!!

"PR for Pat is a collaborative effort for help support and collect donations for our friend, Pat Padgett, as he undergoes cancer treatment."

Read His story Here:    http://prforpat.vm-host.net/pat-s-story

Donate Here:  https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/1cy4/pr-for-pat#

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Monday, July 14, 2014

A VERY Controversial and Inflammatory Article

Is Miranda Oldroyd natural or on steroids?

 Is Miranda Oldroyd natural or on steroids?

This is how the article concludes:

 "In other words, we have really, really hard accepting the statement that a woman can achieve similar physical development without the usage of synthetic hormones. Mutation of that kind is not characteristic of females who rely solely on training and exercising, but to each their own."

read the entire article here

****my personal opinion is that this article is just flame-throwing looking for attention. To accuse someone of using steroids without proof is irresponsible.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Being Sore After A Workout Isn't Always a POSITIVE Result of a Workout

Or, so Mark Rippetoe writes in a recent article.

*Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a phenomenon associated with certain types of muscular work. It can occur as the result of exercise or manual labor, and is a perfectly natural consequence of unaccustomed physical exertion. 

*Muscles are the contractile motors that operate the system of levers we call the skeleton. Muscles work by generating “tension,” or pulling force between their attachment points on the bones they operate; they pull on these two points of attachment with varying degrees of force. They generate this pull under three modes of operation:
1. Concentric
2. Eccentric (Negative part of the exercise)
3. Isometric
*As it turns out, eccentric muscular work is the source of muscular soreness. Concentric contractions don’t make you sore, and only poorly controlled isometric contractions (where some lengthening has in fact occurred) produce soreness 

*Soreness is produced by any exercise with an eccentric component, and the muscles that work eccentrically will get sore in a predictable way until they adapt to the work. It doesn’t matter how heavy or light the weight is — if there is enough eccentric volume in the workout to which you are not adapted, you will get sore. This is why 100 bodyweight-only squats (“air” squats) will make you exquisitely sore, and if you do them infrequently enough that you do not adapt to the work, they will make you exquisitely sore every time you do them. In fact, since they weigh essentially nothing, they’re not heavy enough to make you stronger, but the 100 negatives will make you sore enough that you can’t walk correctly for several days. Done twice a week, you’ll stop getting sore, thank God, but you’ll still not get any stronger because you’re not lifting progressively heavier weight.

***Occasional soreness is a normal part of training, but chronic systemic inflammation for weeks, months, or years on end is a very bad thing for your health, essentially the same thing as a disease. Our biology is not designed to function under these circumstances, and it cannot adapt to chronic soreness any more than it can adapt to starvation. 

Read the entire article HERE!! 

In Addition, please read this excellent article on DOMS and Muscle Soreness in the CROSSFIT JOURNAL HERE

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Robb Wolf Reiterates "Say No to Protein Powder"

I have noticed that one of the most searched posts has been the Robb Wolf post about protein powders and why they are not the best choice for post workout nutrition. In the following article Wolf reiterates that REAL FOOD is always the best choice.

"There seems to have been a ‘bit’ of resistance to my recent post about the use of protein powders and liquid nutrition.  If you missed that whole show let me give you a quick recap.  Amy said: “Real food is always the best option and protein powders aren’t necessary.”  This kind of ‘crazy talk’ brought out every shaker bottle owner, supplement junkie and powder pusher in cyber world.  As Robb so eloquently put it – I “kicked their puppies”.  Now, I’m going to warn you right off – this post is not going to tell you that I changed my mind on the subject – nope, no endorsements here…
One of the MAJOR hang-ups that many readers had was; “real food isn’t convenient”.  Okay, I agree it takes a little more thought to put together a ‘real food’ post workout meal; but I assure you it isn’t going to take HOURS, it’s definitely not rocket science and you can do it!  I have clients that travel, have kids, work full time, are constantly on the go and guess what?  They are 100% powder free!!  I kid you not – and you know what else?  They are seeing results, recovering awesomely, and they aren’t complaining about the lack of convenience either.  I’m telling you – it can be done!!  Yes, you may have to turn the TV off 10-15 minutes earlier than usual and pick up a few extra things at the grocery store, but ultimately your body is going to thank you.  Now, I’m not telling you that you HAVE to ditch your shaker bottle – I mean if you are REALLY that attached to it – have at it.  Your ‘relationships’ are your choice and I’m not going to judge you.  However, if you aren’t getting the results you think you should – don’t complain until you’ve ended your affair with the scoop and powder.
Okay, back to the task at hand.  I’m going to help you all out and make this ‘transition’ a little less bumpy.  Now this is not a post telling you what your post workout meal should look like.  Remember, the composition (carbs, protein, fat) will depend on YOUR goals, needs, activity, and health.  There is no ‘one size fits all’.  This is a post to give you some CONVENIENT, throw in your gym bag or in a container in the fridge, ideas for quick post workout meals that don’t require a shaker bottle.
Protein Options:
  • Packets or easy-open cans of water-packed tuna, salmon and/or sardines
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Pre-cooked steak or chicken sliced into easy to eat strips
  • Mini paleo meatloaves (make your meatloaf in muffin pans)
  • Jerky (get the good stuff – Slim Jim’s are NOT the ‘good stuff’)
  • Pre-cooked frozen shrimp (just run them under water to thaw and they’re ready to eat!)
Carbohydrate Options: (consider your goals here!!!!)
  • Pre-cooked sweet potatoes (baked, roasted, etc) – these are even good cold!!
  • Packets of baby food sweet potatoes and/or squash blends (there are lots of them out there!!!)
  • Cans of sweet potatoes, squash and/or pumpkin (unsweetened)
  • Fresh fruit (this is not the best choice – but can work in a pinch!)
Fat Options: (again, consider your goals!!!!)
  • Unsweetened Coconut chips/flakes
  • Raw coconut meat
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride oil (MCT oil)
  • Nuts and/or olives (not the best choices – but can work in a pinch)
There are some quick, convenient options for you to play with.  Will it require a little prep and thought?  Yeah, a little – but once you start ‘chewing it’ you won’t look back and during the transition we’ll all be here to support you.  You can ‘chew’ it!!!
Are you ready to ‘break-up’ with your shaker bottle?"



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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Great Articles Written In Response to"Why I Don't Do Crossfit"

http://derzfitlife.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/480960_10151920422270702_168570534_n.jpg "I would like start off by saying, before you present an argument, it’s probably a good idea to acknowledge the other side. Which I will do right here. You have some very valid points. It is true, the problem with the fitness industry as a whole, is that you can become a “credentialed professional” in a weekend. That is not exclusive to CrossFit. Yes, there are some fitness enthusiasts and people who have been working out for a long time but have no idea, or lack any formal training in how to adequately program or properly coach certain movements or workouts. To that point, outside of CrossFit, how many times have you walked into GloboGym and bared witness to abundance of idiots counting reps while texting, putting middle-aged or ill-equipped clients on stability balls and attempting to squat, or even risking excessive muscle damage through the improper use of eccentric exercise.".........

 Read the Blog Post Here

I do not care if CrossFit is not for you.  That’s awesome.  Do you have another form of fitness you love?  I’m legitimately happy for you!  Like running marathons?  Sweet.  Is that for me?  Nope.  Am I going to bash you for it?  Nope.  Am I going to create a social media account dedicated to spewing venomous hate towards your 26.2 miles?  Nope.  In fact, here let me help all those haters out right here.".....

Read the entire Blog Post Here

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