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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nimble, I'm Not!

Definition of NIMBLE
1: quick and light in motion : agile 
Today's Workout:                          
21 Deadlifts (225, 155)
100 Barbell Hops
18 Deadlifts
100 Barbell Hops
15 Deadlifts
100 Barbell Hops
12 Deadlifts
100 Barbell Hops

I knew I was not light on my feet. In my basketball playing days, I wasn't known for being swift afoot and lightning fast, and it appears that the condition has continued. It wasn't as evident to me in my globo gym days. I spent a lot of time riding the Lifecycle and using the Stairmaster -- there wasn't a lot of opportunity to jump, hop or run around. With the addition of Crossfit in my life, my appalling lack of "nimbleness" has become very apparent.  We run a lot, we are supposed to jump onto various-sized  boxes, and recently we were required to HOP over barbells.

Now, I have been making myself run on the treadmill more to try to build up my endurance and speed. I am trying to get up onto the box, for box jumps, but these barbell hops were a new, tortuous method to test my cardiovascular endurance and jumping ability. Let's just say it was not pretty. It was hard to coordinate jumping over the bar sideways multiple times while also trying to breathe. (It didn't help my ego that the man behind me was jumping 100 times consecutively over the bar.) The frustrating part of the whole WOD was the realization that I wasn't as cardiovascularly  fit as I had imagined. It would have been easier to take if the jumping was my main impediment, but unfortunately I also couldn't breathe very well.
So, I am adding hurdle hops to my growing list of "goats."

I realize that I might not become much more nimble, but I can become more cardio-conscious and try to work on my hops as well as my running.  I don't need to be as fast or as cardiovascularly fit as Usain Bolt, but I don't have to be as slow as the three-toed sloth. (Sloth’s are so slow they can be moving and algae grow on them. A sloth’s top speed is .003 miles per hour. Yes not kidding.)

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