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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not For Quitters

--What is it about people who Crossfit, you know, the ones who are really hard core. Maybe you're one of them. The people that come on schedule regardless of how they feel. Sprained ankle, broken bones, tendonitis, you name it, nothing stops them.There were incredible examples of this courage and determination this past weekend at some of the Regional Competitions. Mel Ockerby fought through bloody and ripped hands to complete her workouts. "Heather Scaglione separated her right shoulder in the “Amanda” workout as she struggled to crank out muscle-ups. She carried on after using the pull up rig to “coerce” her shoulder back into position."(read entire story here) 
--What is it about Crossfit that entices and then embraces the athlete that never says never. The athlete that looks at a workout and , even though they are scared sh---tless and filled with dread, still can't wait to get to the gym and test themselves.
--What is it about Crossfit that attracts the athlete that will endlessly practice various exercises and movements until they get them and then, endlessly practice aforementioned exercises always trying to get better?

Honestly, I don't know what makes certain people love Crossfit. I'm just glad that I try every day to be one of those "people".
What is the allure of Crossfit for you?

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