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Monday, August 15, 2011

Working Out in a Globo Gym-I Had a Bad Attitude

From Crossfit Lisbeth:
"Can you have too much attitude in CrossFit?"
....."We like to pride ourselves on attitude in this sport, this community, this movement, whatever you want to call this swirling maelstrom that we’re in. We’re the kids who don’t fit in, the rebels, the malcontents, the folks interested in not just stepping outside the box, but jumping up and down and crushing the sh** out of that thing."
......."But have we passed that tipping point now? Is our attitude so apparent that it needs toning down?"
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This post really talked to me today as I worked out in a Globo gym. I know that Crossfit is the best way for ME to workout but I have to remember that it isn't everybody's cup of tea. Notice I didn't say that it wasn't for everybody because it is, anybody can do Crossfit. Unfortunately though, not everybody believes they can do Crossfit.  So, instead of looking askance at people in the globo gym (like I did), I have to remember that at least they are there moving their bodies and not sitting on their butts or at a restaurant eating french fries.  It is just up to us Crossfitters to continue spreading the word about Crossfit and all of the benefits. Because, as we all know, Crossfit is the best way to work out (there goes my attitude again).

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