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Friday, September 9, 2011

Reflections About 9/11 and Crossfit

     The images of 9/11 have been all over the television, internet and print media. I think it is impossible not to be moved by all of the various stories and remembrances of that day and the days that followed. I become frustrated sometimes when I don't think that a friend, acquaintance, neighbor, etc is respectful enough of that terrible day. I want people to remember what happened and to honor all of the passengers, first responders, pedestrians, families, all of those who were affected and whose lives were changed on 9-11-01. I remember exactly what I was doing when I saw, on TV, the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. I was on the StairMaster (obviously before I discovered Crossfit) and watching the Today Show in disbelief at what I was seeing. I don't think I totally understood what was happening until later in the day when what had occurred began to sink in. I remember hearing an airplane while in my grooming van and being startled and scared because I had heard that all planes were grounded. I don't think I felt a lot of relief when I realized it was a fighter jet zooming across the sky.
     The following day,after a night of watching all of the heart breaking stories on TV, and slowly realizing that the world I had known on 9-10-01 was gone, I went to work. I think I was searching for some semblance of normalcy. Two things happened in the next week that made the attacks a little more personal to me. I remember sitting on a client's back step making some phone calls to pass the time while I waited for them to come home. I made a return call to someone, who was a regular client, who wanted another appointment. I plunged into my spiel about appointments and times available and waited for her to tell me when I could come and then she said: "I'm sorry Karen my Mom was killed in the airplane yesterday and I'll have to do this a little later." My heart fell to the floor and what had happened on 9/11 became all too real to me. I knew someone who was affected by that awful day, it wasn't just people I saw on the television. A couple days later I got a message on my machine from someone who needed their dog washed because they were having company in the house. A wife and a mother of a small baby, in Wellesley, had been killed in one of the airplanes and they didn't want the dog to be dirty when everyone came over after the funeral.etc... Needless to say I went the next day.
     So, why am I grateful that I found Crossfit and how does it relate to 9/11. Well, everyday that I go to the gym there is a very good chance that we will be doing a workout that is named to honor a fallen soldier who has lost their life trying to keep America safe from another terrorist attack. On a monthly basis there are fundraisers for projects that help wounded soldiers and their families. Soldiers,Veterans,Firefighters,Policemen and Policewomen,Paramedics,etc..are able to be part of the Crossfit family at a discounted rate. An awesome way to say thank you for what they do for us. In a Crossfit Gym you cannot forget and ignore those who risk their lives so we can go about our daily business. In a Crossfit Gym, these special people are truly appreciated.
     Finally, I also remember how all of America came together in that time. For a short time all of the petty,ridiculous things that people bitch about were forgotten. People were nice to one another. So, on this anniversary of 9/11 I want to end with something I read that really struck me and something that I try to remember all the time, not just at this time of year.
"Honor them with kindness"

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  1. Well said Karen. I remember how America came together in the days following the attacks. We had a "togetherness" that brought everyone closer. We were kinder, more patient, more supportive and friendlier in the days and weeks after 9-11-01. I feel like those positives continute to live in the CrossFit Community. Thanks for being such a great part of our family.