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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Now I'm Annoyed

I am annoyed with my body. I am aggravated that it is breaking down.
I found this quote in another blog and I found that it states perfectly how I feel right now about my knee and the upcoming knee surgery that I am putting off but, will have to happen sometime soon.
" Not that we are bothered by the surgery but more by the loss of time it will take from us"   
After just experiencing the arthroscopic procedure and realizing that I most likely will wake up after any surgeries in the future, I am now trying to strategize the best time to have the more extensive surgery and when it will be the least disruptive to my "training". (I use the word training loosely)
Bottom line, Crossfit makes me happy and I don't want to be away too long. I am just going to have to crush those upper body workouts and take this as an opportunity to develop my upper body strength :)

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  1. I am not a crossfitter, I have competed in OL & Pl and now I throw, so I have some understanding of what you do.

    I am also 57, and had bad knees back when I did OL when I was 18.I obviously live with the limitation (modify all leg work).

    I have gone way back over your blog. Love it. Feel so sorry about your knees.

    Live with your limitations and go master all those upper body skills. (I always thought running was over rated anyway), you will only get better in so many ways...

    enjoy the journey, it is yours and yours alone, and frankly ... you rock !!

    Terry Gibbs