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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Controversy Behind Cross-Fit

A fellow Crossfit friend had put a link up to this article. It makes some great positive and negative points in regards to Crossfit and the speed in which it is growing. One of the paragraphs which really hit home to me was:

Crossfit Pukie
"The real question is: Can the growing CrossFit industry slow down to make sure its trainers are adequately prepared to train their clients? According to CrossFit headquarters, 150 applications arrive every month, which amounts to about five CrossFit affiliated gyms per day, assuming all applications are accepted. To put in perspective, in 2006, Starbucks set up an average of six stores per day."

I think that the reputation of Crossfit and its pursuit of athletic excellence depends on Crossfit Headquarters maintaining strict standards when allowing someone to open an affiliate. Unfortunately I don't think that is happening as of yet.

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