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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Knee Replacement Updates

3 days post-op knee replcement
Well Guys I had my Knee replaced a week ago today. There have been many downs and a few ups but one of the most positives is my lack off serious pain, my quicker than normal range of motion progress, and my ability to walk without crutch support already (although I am told to keep them for a safety net for now) I attribute this to Crossfitting right up to the day before the surgery, trying to keep strong. THIS STUFF WORKS! I realize there is a long road ahead but Crossfit had definitely made the journey a lot easier. A shout out to Dave Tallman (from the CrossFit Masters Facebook Group) for all his help and encouragement.
Thank you!!!
 Well, it is 2 weeks out and I am still in that stage where whether I'd do it again or not is kind of iffy :)
The PT is going well and the swelling is manageable, but painful, as expected. What amazes me the most is how tired I get. I think I've taken more naps in the last 2 weeks that I have in my whole life. WOW!
So, this is my attempt at a more positive update, life is getting a bit better.

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