f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: A Master Athlete's Advice. Inspiring and True!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Master Athlete's Advice. Inspiring and True!

"Show up and run your own race. You can’t do anything about other participants. There will always be gifted, hard-working athletes posting amazing performances in the Open. Let yourself be humbled. Then let these athletes inspire you to get out there and do your best."
I love this and need to remember this every time I workout. I spend too much time worrying about being last and what others think.

I am grateful everyday that I am able to get up off my behind and go do something I love. Showing more gratitude openly surely couldn't hurt.
" Express gratitude. Humans don’t fare well in isolation. We require experienced teachers and coaches to guide us in skill acquisition.  We benefit from belonging to families and communities made of people sharing similar values and committed to supporting each other. Participation in the Open doesn’t guarantee it, but it’s likely that you, like me, didn’t get here by yourself. Instead, you got to this point with the support of dedicated coaches, family and friends who share a commitment to fitness. Don’t forget to thank them!"

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