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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crossfit-A Way of Life or, as Reebok portrays it, A Competitive Sport??

A very interesting story dissecting the relationship between Reebok and Crossfit and some of the ways, the author feels, that Reebok is misrepresenting Crossfit.

"All of that said, the associated marketing messaging from Reebok still feels as though it’s missing that key element. I have been a part of the CrossFit community since 2008 and to many of us the campaign doesn’t feel authentic. The partnership, which has all the makings of a dream relationship, comes off feeling more like a marriage of convenience. And the messaging component follows a very traditional sports marketing recipe, which is a disservice considering the clear heavy lifting that went into this great concept development. The overall concept, or “big idea” behind the “sport of fitness” campaign is amazingly spot-on, but the execution falls a little flat, and I think I know why. "

Also, " As anyone who participates in CrossFit can tell you, the community is the key component of the whole system. In contrast, Reebok’s campaign has focused on the top few CrossFit athletes."

Read the entire article: HERE

So, do you think that Crossfit is a big time SPORT or, a WAY OF LIFE??

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