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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reduce Your Sugar Intake and Reduce Your Risk of Cancer!

The title of this post is just one of the hypothesis's put forth in the 60 Minute Television program that was shown on April 1st,2012.  "
sugar in soda!
Specifically, on "60 Minutes," Dr. Gupta will tell viewers:    
"New research coming out of some of America's most respected institutions is starting to find that sugar could be a driving force behind some of this country's leading killers."
To see the entire segment click here>>>

Additionally, take a look at this article outlining some foods that you may or may not know have sugar in them.
15 Surprising Sources of Added Sugar
Written by Lauri Watson, SparkPeople Contributor

"Sugar (in many forms) may be hiding in a lot of your favorite foods without you even realizing it. Of course it's in candies, cookies, and cakes, but there are also many "hidden sugars'' added to condiments, drinks, "healthy" snacks foods, and many other surprising items you might eat every day. Here are 15 of the top ''added'' sugar offenders." Click here for the slideshow

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