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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Do You Think When You See 100 Burpees for TIme?

9:30 at night-Wod is posted 100 Burpees for time
9:35 pm-I'm not going tomorrow
10:00 pm-maybe I will go and do my own thing
6:45 am-I am not going today
7:00 am-talk to my son and he says "I don't want to go". I say, "of course you are going."
I think that maybe I should go and not be a hypocrite.
7:45 am -suggest to Jan that maybe we should go for a walk. She says, "you aren't going?"  (**WTF is that about? She was my go-to excuse)
8:05 am-drive to Crossfit. No one is there. Serious cherry picking day and I think, "maybe Matt didn't see me and I can leave" but then he says "hi" (Bummer)
8:15 Jayme shows up and she can't do burpees for time (injured foot) (I ask to see evidence)
8:22 Jan shows up and she can't do burpees for time (injured knee) (no evidence needed, I hear about it every day)
8:33 Ponder the idea of doing Jayme, Jan and Marco's WOD, 100 kettlebells for time
8:35 Joe D. and Angelo and 8 other people are doing the WOD voluntarily,I think "suck it up Karen and do the damn burpees"
**I will explain that with my surgically replaced knee I decided to do 50 burpees for time. I am 50/50 in my head whether I decided to do this to be smart or because I was too scared to do 100. (I honestly don't know)
8:40 MDV tells us to partner up. "Oh crap" I think, maybe I should do kettlebells. I seriously think of hiding in the bathroom, seriously.
**there is so much more accountability with a partner. It really is a great motivator but F#$*k!
8:45 Eric goes first and does 100 without stopping once,WOW!
9:00 I go and do 50, I didn't really stop, and I got a 6 second PR.
**I am psyched I did it and I really think that 50 burpees was a smart move for my knee (I think, still not sure, if I am using it as a cop-out)

Moral of the story: If you don't like a WOD, those are the days you should go.

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  1. Great write up...and I am proud of you for doing it and scaling. It was the right way to "ease" back in.

    If its any consolation I was envious of all of you who battled thru it. Hard to believe I miss Burpees!

    Love the blog.