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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Even Stricter Paleo Diet-EPI-PALEO Rx

I came upon this blog post and then this blog by a gentleman named Dr. Jack Kruse. If you are interested in an even more specific and strict paleo diet Dr. Kruse's blog posts are the next step in your reading journey.
In essence he feels that BRAIN health is the key to our TOTAL health. His paleo pyramid looks like this:

The levels of the pyramid are ordered from best choice for the human brain to next best.

1. The base of the Pyramid is shellfish other than crustaceans: Provides the most nutrient density of any food source for optimal functioning of the human brain.

2. The second level of the Pyramid: crustaceans

3. The third level of the pyramid: Fish

4. The fourth level of the pyramid: Offal/organ meat of pastured/grassfed animals.

5. The fifth level of the pyramid is where ‘modern day paleo’ begins its pyramid base at our 4th level:  grass fed skeletal meats.

6.  Pastured eggs if there are no medical contraindications of inflammation like an AI*

7.  Seeds and nuts*  shading to omega 3 nuts is fine but this becomes important if there is a serious EFA imbalance only on direct testing

 To read more of Dr. Kruse's hypothesis please click HERE and HERE

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