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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts During a WOD-Competitor vs. Me




AMRAP 20, 7 kettlebells,7 burpees,7 14lb Wallballs

Me:  Let's get after this, it is only 20 minutes.
Competitor: Let's get after this!

5 minutes in.......
Me:  I don't think I have enough water over here, I hate burpees, 35lb kettlebell might be too light
Competitor: I love this stuff, I'm going for 25 rounds

10 minutes in........
Me: OMG, there is still 10 minutes,maybe I should switch to a 10lb wallball, burpees suck!
Competitor: half way done but I still have 10 minutes to rack up the rounds!!

15 minutes in......
Me: Thank God I used the 35lb kettlebell, maybe I need a rest day,what kind of germs are on this floor?   
Competitor: Only 5 minutes left, leave it all on the floor!!!

18 minutes in.....
Me:  OH NO, there is time for one more round!
Competitor:  Yes!! Time for 2 more rounds!!!

Clearly this was not one of my mental toughness days :)

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