f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: Debunking the Myth: "I Need to Get in Shape to Do Crossfit!"

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Debunking the Myth: "I Need to Get in Shape to Do Crossfit!"


1.  I need to get in shape first

" Frankly, it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in when you start crossfit. Most likely it will suck either way. The only way to get in shape for crossfit, is to do crossfit."

2.  I will look like an idiot in front of others

" “Oh my god, I cant’ believe you can’t even do regular push-ups” said NO ONE EVER. We will high five you and tell you you did a great job."

 3.  But, look at those athletes on YouTube!

"Sure, they look like they walked straight off the set of the 300 movie, but then again, these folks made crossfit their profession,"

 4.  Seriously, I can’t do pull-ups, push-ups or squat!

"Pretty much 90% of the people that start crossfit, can’t do that."

 5.  Crossfit will make me bulky (for the ladies)

 "This is a frequently discussed topic, since it involves a personal view on aesthetics, that differs per person....."

(let me assure the ladies that while you will look better naked, unless you train very hard, you will not get bulky)

To read the entire article and to become even closer to taking the Crossfit plunge, read the entire article HERE!!

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