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Monday, December 30, 2013

"Is Crossfit Destroying the World"

Another great article about Crossfit and the best ways to choose a box!!
This one is from STACK.COM

"Nothing captures the spirit of the recent onslaught of criticism and unease over CrossFit, an intense strength and conditioning program now enjoying global popularity, more than a line on the cover of Outside magazine's December issue. With a tongue-in-cheek edge, the copy asks, Is CrossFit Destroying the World?"
 "The stories point out correctly that the number of people injured while performing CrossFit routines has increased. But what they don't address in many cases is that the number of CrossFitters has blown up over the past few years. According to CrossFit HQ, at the beginning of 2007, there were 13 affiliate gyms, also known as boxes. In early 2012, there were 4,000. Since then, the number of boxes in operation is reportedly twice that number. Outside reports that the latest tally is around 10,000 boxes in the world. If the number of participants goes up, doesn't it follow that the number of people getting injured would go up too?"

 “Calling CrossFit dangerous is like saying ‘vehicular transportation is dangerous’ or ‘physical activity is dangerous.' Both are statements that might have some truth to them, but are woefully inadequate by themselves.”

Chang says that common sense goes a long way toward getting the benefits out of a CrossFit program while minimizing injury risk."His tips for athletes who want to do that?"

1. Find the licensed CrossFit boxes in your area

2. Narrow the list

3. What’s their plan?

4. Avoid chipper-obsessed boxes

5. Strength is a strength

6. Use proper mechanics with obsessive consistency

7. Develop intensity gradually

8. Take care of your body

9. Be responsible

10. Remember: There is no such thing as a perfectly safe activity.












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