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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Maybe I Am Too Old to Crossfit??

I mobile Dog Groom which affords me the chance to watch daytime TV while I am grooming. I am assuming that the demographic advertisers are going for at this time of the day is older people and retirees, people who are able to be home during the day.
Well, if I go by the ads on the television during this time, all that older people should be doing is worrying about health care, deciding what drugs to take, considering a step in tub, and making sure that our children don't have to pay for our funerals.

Nine out of every ten ads seem to be addressing becoming frail, sick, and or dead.

Health insurance plans and related healthcare benefits for Medicare:
 Start planning for senior care:
 Did you know that every year 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will have an accident or fall in their home?:

My favorite ad asks "do you want your loved ones to be stuck with paying for your final expenses?"
Can you imagine having that talk with your parents, "Hey Mom and Dad, could you buy special insurance so I don't have to pay for your funeral? You never know when it could happen."

My point is, why aren't there any ads for health clubs or any type of physical activity.
Why aren't there any ads for traveling, bike tours, walking tours??  It seems that the general assumption by the advertisers is if you are older, you must be stagnant, sick, and ready for the grave?
I guess my question is, is this the way most older people feel?? Am I living in my own "crossfit bubble of a world" where no one is too old and we always strive to get fitter and healthier??
Unfortunately I think that I know the answer to this question and, it makes me sad.

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