f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: How To Survive the Holidays and keep Your Training and DIet on Track!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To Survive the Holidays and keep Your Training and DIet on Track!

A blog post by Cheryl Nasso, Regionals Competitor, Coach at Crossfit New England:

"The holidays can be an exciting time for all of us. Between parties, shopping, vacations, and family affairs, it can be a pretty busy time of year as well. As much as we can all say we have heard this before, or read this before, it never hurts to be reminded and get a fresh perspective on the best way to approach this holiday season. Below i have a few tips and tricks on how to keep yourself on track this month!
Make a plan to be at the gym ahead of time and schedule your rest days on the days you know you will be too busy to workout.
I know we all get the feeling that all eyes are on us when we decide to skip the morning brunch and get a workout in instead. Unless of course you are lucky enough to have a family who embraces the same lifestyle as you. Be prepared for someone to make a comment, but in reality, most people that make comments are just admiring how dedicated you truly are to your fitness.
Balance your macros.
No, I am not saying to bring your food scale with you to the holiday parties. If you know you are planning on indulging in some wine and cheese at night, skip the extra fat and limit some of your higher density carbs earlier in the day to help keep some balance. Obviously wine and cheese should not replace healthy fats and carbohydrate sources regularly, but if you plan ahead you can help avoid gaining the extra pounds by keeping total intake relatively normal. Just remember to keep portions in check and use your hand as a tool. Palm sized portion of protein, closed fist size portion of carbohydrates, thumb size portion of fat.
Get enough sleep!
Don’t be afraid to pop in to a party and leave a little early if you have to be up early the next day. Being sleep deprived is a surefire way to stall weight loss as well as stimulate the release of cortisol (the storage hormone for fat).  Once again, yes, someone will probably say something, but you have to put yourself first sometimes. Plan the nights you will shut the bar down, and on the other nights make sure you give yourself a curfew.
Make a “healthy” indulgence for yourself so that you don’t feel deprived.
There are so many recipes out there for delicious desserts and awesome sides. I personally find some of the homemade confections better than the premade pies and desserts that plague the holiday spread. I also feel like the food is much more enjoyable when i put the hard work and time into it.
Get your travel WOD list together for the travel and research local gyms near your destination.
If you know you are going to be away, plan some workouts you can complete anywhere. Better yet, if the thought of working out in your relative’s living room makes you feel awkward, look up some local gyms to drop into.
Stay on track the rest of the time.
This means keep your nutrition dialed in for 80% or more of your meals. Allow yourself a little freedom on the weekends, but this should not be an excuse to make a little wine at dinner roll over into a glutenous brunch and then the “all bets are off” dinner. Plan your meals ahead of time.
Shop online for what you can to save time and stress less.
I know this definitely has its pros and cons, but i definitely think the time and energy you save is well worth it. Plus you may just find the online stores have way more options depending on what you are looking for.
Expect things will not go as planned.
We all want the perfect holiday, but at the end of the day, expect that things are not going to go “as planned.” Instead, embrace it, laugh about it, and move on.
Get out in the sun as often as you can.
This is a new one to me. Being from Florida, I was out in the sun all year long. I definitely believe the the sun helps your mood and keep your energy levels high. Its also the best way for you to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Try and take advantage of the sunny days and get outside!
Enjoy the season. Enjoy your family, Live in the moment.
Remember, at the end of the day, this is the season where we feel the closest to our loved ones. Take the time to enjoy their company. Life is precious and memories are being made as we speak. Take the time this season to embrace how lucky we are to have so many wonderful people in our lives. "

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