f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: A Little More Info on the Nike "Metcon" Sneaker

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Little More Info on the Nike "Metcon" Sneaker

1. "The Metcon model name is short for "metabolic conditioning", and seems to be Nike's way of referencing the CrossFit craze without directly referring to it.'


2. "CrossFit is sweeping the nation, and Nike looks to invade the cultural phenomenon that Reebok is currently inhabiting with the Nike MetCon 1"

3. Josh Bridges is apparently sponsored by Nike:  
Matt Fraser too? 
From his Instagram Acct:  "Really loved coming home to the @ecchampionships today. Thank you @benbergeron and @killcliffprez for putting together a first class day. Can't wait for next year! | Thanks to all the fans that came out. It was a special day. | @Nike #JustDoIt #Nike @NikeTraining #NikeTraining @RedLinegr #redlinegear #toetheline @killcliff #kcbarbellclub #killcliff @paleopowermeals #ppm @fuelforfireperformance #fuelforfire @nfsports_ #nfsports @crossfit #crossfit @crossfitGames #CrossfitGames #KCECC"

Check it out Here

4. "The Nike Metcon 1’s are Nike’s first actual foray into the functional fitness shoe segment, and they’re a damn strong one at that.  They hit the mark on almost every level and don’t leave much to be desired (more colorway’s please). "

****Most in depth written review Here

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