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Monday, January 5, 2015

I Saw Someone's Pet Get Squished Today.....

This post isn't about Crossfit, it is about Kindness. 
I was walking my dog today and watched a cat dart across the busy road and get run over. (whether having an outdoor cat near a busy road is a good idea is a topic for another time)

The car slowed down, looked in their rear view mirror and drove away.  I was dumbstruck, how can someone seriously hurt an animal, someone's pet, and just drive away. Where was their common decency. Somebody loved that kitty. I don't expect them to drive the cat to the vet (although that might be what I would do) .I would hope that they would call the local Police and have them do something. At least then there would be a record, and if the owner calls the police to report a lost cat, they would have an answer.

People seem to have lost their instinct to be kind, to think of others and their well being.


I saw a homeless advocate on a TV show today and they mentioned that they hugged a homeless person.  What was interesting and striking was the fact that the homeless man hadn't been hugged in over 4 years. People stay away from the homeless as if they are lepers. Listen people, we could all be one life changing event from being homeless. Not every homeless person is mentally ill or a drunk.  Shit happens...

In the new year I challenge every one to be a little bit kinder and thoughtful. Trust me, you will like it.

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