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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Do Box Jumps??

I want to be totally clear here. I don't do box jumps or said better, I am afraid of box jumps. With my surgically replaced knee I am terrified of missing the box and smashing my knee on the edge.  As a result of this fear I have always just stepped up on to the box. Until reading this article  I was totally satisfied with this substitution. Why did I need to jump up? Other than the obvious decrease in cardio stimulation, what was the difference?

Well, now I have an answer I can wrap my head around. From the article:

"Working out in the gym is the full extent of my sport. So why would I want to develop explosive hips? Answer: Squats, Snatches, and Cleans, just to name a few.
Since I shifted my focus from CrossFit to Olympic Weightlifting, it is apparent that my “hips don’t lie”! They are slow and I struggle to come out of the hole under a loaded bar. I need to develop explosiveness, so perhaps I need to include more box jumping into my weekly regimen..."

So, what am I going to do? Sometimes I will step up but I am also going to stack up some plates and jump up safely. I struggle with coming up after a squat, I tend to get a bit "stuck". If this can help I am all for it.

See the full post here!!

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