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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today's workout was deadlifts and more deadlifts. Unfortunately I hurt my back and I have been advised to lay off the deadlifts for a while. Now technically, if done correctly, your back shouldn't get hurt. That said, when doing multiple sets proper form can and with me, does, get away from you.  This is actually a major bummer because I can do a pretty good job with the deadlifts. Anything that doesn't require a bar over my head or a squat is in my wheelhouse. I also do a pretty good job with the bench press. Again, no squat, which is a good thing.
The other part of the workout was a 800 meter run for time. Now usually I would look at this and be totally bummed out. When I run it looks like I am carrying a 100 pound weight. I am incredibly slow and I plod along like a Clydsdale.  I have really been working on this and while I still "run" like John Candy running after a donut on a stick, my endurance has gotten much better and I have gotten a smidge faster.
So I guess the lesson is keep trying-you will get better!

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