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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weightlifting Wednesday

Snatch Complex
7 sets for Max weight of:
Snatch Grip Push Press
Snatch Balance
Overhead Squat

Snatch Balance-
This is definitely one of the harder movements. I found a clip of it (from the U.K., love the accent!) of an older instructor teaching the snatch balance.  The key is dropping quickly under the bar as the arms and bar shoot upward. I felt that I had to completely trust that I could manage the weight above my head before I could totally commit to the movement.

This leads me to another "dilemma" I have when working out: what weight to use (or to aspire to use). At Crossfit we are always trying to set a PR, or personal record. This is actually the fun part and a good way to measure your progress in terms of strength and technique. We write our names on the white board for all to see, past performances compared with the current day's accomplishments.  This is an excellent way to keep us focused and motivated to do better. Who doesn't want to set new "PRs"!  The dilemma comes when it's time to add on the weights.

If I take a look at the board I see what a lot of the other women are doing and I want to do the same weight!!  Here's where I have to remind myself that I am 53 years old and probably at least 15 years older than most of the women (and men) there. It is a sad fact, but true. Now, I am not insinuating that older women are not strong or able to become strong. It just seems that the extreme movements are more difficult for me on occasion.  I have a sensitive back, my knees have been recipients of cortisone shots, my shoulder feels like it might dislocate at any moment... you get the picture.  My body has experienced a bit more wear and tear than the younger members, so frequently I have to scale back my weights, progress a bit slower and be OK with it.

Honestly, I am not totally "OK" with it, but I have accepted it to a certain extent. I will still try to do more and more weight, but I will also accept it when I cannot.

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