f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: AMRAP!

Friday, September 3, 2010


2. "Devil's Brew"
AMRAP 12 of:
7 DB Jerks (45, 30)
10 Box Jumps, 24"

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) is my friend. When the pressure of not finishing last is not a concern I am able to try to do RX weights or at least closer to the RX weight.  My main goal at this point is to get stronger. I want to be able to do pull ups and push ups, I want to try to do the prescribed weights. I have realized that while I am definitely stronger and fitter, I have not progressed strength wise as much as I would have liked over the last year. It is time to try a different approach.  No more jumping pull ups, only banded pull ups. If it is necessary to reduce the number of reps to accommodate the additional weight, that is what I will do. (the beauty of AMRAPS is no "round" expectation, I don't have to get 5 rounds done in a set time. I just try to do as many rounds as I can in the prescribed time limit)  If there is a "round" expectation, I may reduce the reps to accommodate a heavier weight. (this was recommended by the coaches at CFNE).  As an example: the other day we were expected to do:
4 Rounds for time of:
15 Toes to Bars
30 Wall Balls
60 Double Unders

 (we will ignore the fact that I cannot do double unders yet, much to my dismay)
I did the prescribed wall ball weight,14 lbs, and did 15 each round. Next time I will do 20, and so on...

With Devil's Brew I did 25 lb dumbbells, closer to the prescribed weight than I might have done if it was not an AMRAP.  I actually welcome the soreness today. I think that I am, hopefully, on my way to getting stronger.

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