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Friday, October 29, 2010

How Important Is Your Coach?

Many days when I see what the workout is going to be, I am "uh-oh this is a tough one". On this day though, I didn't think it would be that bad:

Row Burp 30
5 rounds of:
:30 Rowing, record avg 500/split time.
1:30 rest
:30 Burpees, record reps
1:30 rest

Was I wrong!  You do not realize how short a minute, thirty is until you are struggling to get your breath back. This was a straight out, don't hold ANYTHING back workout.  By the third round you think that you can't go on and here, is where the coaches come in!  I don't know about you but I don't want to 1.  look like a "woosy" and 2.   look like I am not working my hardest.  I know we all try to do our best as individuals, and that self motivation is a part of the Crossfit mantra but, sometimes, when I am convinced that at any moment I may suffer a stroke, suffer a heart attack, or throw up, I need a little extra motivation :))
This is where the coaches come in.  
When I thought I could not possibly pull any harder, Coach Ben was right behind me yelling for me to pull harder and, I did. When I was struggling to get one more burpee Coach Mel was telling me to keep going, and I did, and on my next row Coach Mat was telling me good job so I damn well made sure I did the best I possibly could!
We all go to Crossfit for different reasons and each reason is as valid as the next as long as you just keep coming. It is just nice to know that we always have a support system ,already in place, when we go to workout. This is what , in my opinion, makes Crossfit so special, the supportive people, especially the coaches!

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