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Monday, October 25, 2010

Paleo Diet Workshop! In Acton,Ma

Thanks to a heads up from "KettlebellRob":
This workshop will include:
This 3-Hour interactive nutrition workshop both teaches information and gets everyone involved in a practical application of what you've learned.

You'll learn the basics of Paleo nutrition including:
... why a Paleo diet makes sense
... how a Paleo diet differs from how most of us eat today and why processed/modern foods are harmful to our health
... the basics of how the food we eat impacts blood sugar, energy, performance and health
... where to shop for food and special ingredients that may not be available everywhere

You'll complete hands-on exercises:
... to discover specialty food items that are commonly eaten as part of a Paleo diet
... to learn about reading food labels to discover surprising ingredients in commonly eaten "foods"
... to make a healthy, on-the-go snack for yourself or your family
... to create a food matrix for yourself or your family to guide you in meal planning
... to learn how to plan meals for a week that don't leave you slaving over a stove 3x a day

You'll get:
... a snack to take home that you made in the class
... a YES and NO Paleo foods list/guide
... a 30-Day Paleo Challenge Guide Book filled with tips, tricks, recipes and more
Workshop Leader-

Diane Sanfilippo


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