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Monday, January 3, 2011

"First Time"

The phrase "First Time" can conjure up many memories, I am sure, but this "first time" is about exercise.
I finally did a WOD RX! Woo Hoo! At a point in the workout today I simultaneously wanted to throw-up, give up and/or faint but I didn't, I survived and I am psyched!!
Of course I was the last one to finish, something I am not very fond of, but I finished.
I think I will try that RX thing again :))    

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  1. You rock! You should be proud of yourself...you deserve it!

  2. I totally agree with you about the internal battle of being STOKED that you are able to handle that kind of weight or rep scheme (or whatEVER it is) and completely frustrated that half the class is already at their kids' schools for morning kindergarden pick-up. it takes a great deal of determination, mental strength, and an incredibly stubborn personality to survive your first of MANY Rx'd WODs. so, congratulations, sister. WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE???

  3. Thanks Heather-your encouragement means a lot!! I've got to battle the "last one" stigma a bit more. I'm getting there though, albeit slowly!!