f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: New Years Resolutions and 2010 Obserations

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions and 2010 Obserations

1.Crossfit Rocks!
2.Crossfit gyms have the Best Communities, bar none!
3.box jumps scare me
4.handstand push-ups not in the foreseeable future
5.double unders baffle me
6.it is amazing how much better I feel eating Paleo.
7.when you don't eat Paleo and then work out, you feel icky!!
8.I can give up(for the most part) soda and carbonated water but NOT coffee and cream
9.I have had more plain H2O over the past year than I have in the past 10 years
10.our relatives, our age, think we are crazy
11.many people, in general, think we are crazy when hearing about Crossfit
12.I worry about the Reebok affiliation a bit. I like the "bad ass" aspect of Crossfit
13.I don't think I will ever give up chocolate on the weekends
14.I am so psyched my kids do Crossfit
15.I am so psyched that my kids are in an awesome Crossfit program
16.I realize that my stomach will never look like Heather's :))
17.running is not a strength, I need to keep working at it although I realize, even in my youth, I sucked at it
18.I am ok with not being a good runner :)
19.Beautisol self tanning cream is amazing(no smell)
20.Lululemon clothes are so comfortable
21.tanning cream is a necessity at Crossfit :))
22.in Lulu clothes even if you aren't the best at Crossfit you still look good
23.I'm guessing we will learn if Reebok clothes are comfy
24.I am an Innov8 convert-traditional running shoes bother me and make me feel worse(if that is even possible)
25.I still look at the scale but I am not as obsessive about it as I was before Crossfit
26.Crossfit has awarded my family the opportunity to get to know more Military, Fire, Police,and Emergency Personnel,etc...as people and friends.   For this I am very grateful!
27. Finally, Crossfit is awesome but Crossfit New England IS THE BEST!!!

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