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Friday, February 25, 2011

Leader Board Bliss

Made the Leader Board the other day. I have to admit, the thought of being on a Crossfit Leader Board NEVER crossed my mind. It really wasn't negative thinking, it was, in my mind, just a fact. I am 53 years old with some aging body parts that don't always work the way they did 20 years ago. As a result, there are many movements and weights that I cannot handle easily -- which means I cannot put up the big lifts that others can.  I have made my peace with that. I don't like it much, but there isn't a lot you can do about getting older unfortunately.

But, I can row. I am tall so this gives me an advantage over smaller people. Being tall isn't very helpful when I am required to squat a lot, but with rowing it's a bonus! 

1.  500 meter RowFor time.
2.  3 Postition Snatch5 sets of 3.

When I saw the workout the night before, I thought to myself: This is one I can do as well as any other female in the gym.  I am not foolish to think I could beat the "Firebreathers," of course.  I remember taking a deep breath the night before and saying to myself, "I can do this one well." That in itself is unusual. 

Which is the real reason I wanted to write this piece, positive thinking!

Ben Bergeron, the owner of the affiliate I belong to, CFNE, had summarized a talk he had heard by Greg Amundson at a recent seminar. The heart of the talk was simple: think positively (to see a video by Amundson, click here).   If you do so, more likely than not you will achieve your goal. Coincidentally this pep talk occurred  the morning of the row.  Also coincidentally, as stated above, I happened to be very positive about this workout.  As a result, I did a pretty decent job and landed on the Leader Board.  The Power Of Positive Thinking!  I know it won't happen all the time, but I definitely will give the "positive thinking" more of an effort!!

            "Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."                                      - Zig Ziglar
P.S. As an interesting side note, at about the 400 meter mark I saw that my time had gone down to a 1:55 pace and I was totally bummed. I had started at a 133.4 pace. I didn't realize that this was not going to end up being my actual time so I stopped thinking positively, got bummed out, and let up a bit. In actuality I was still doing pretty well and if I hadn't started thinking so negatively I probably could have done even better. Lesson learned. 

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