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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


DNF=Did Not Finish! I never wanted to write this on the board, that was a goal of mine. I take to heart all of the Crossfit rhetoric about being truthful, not cheating and/or lying to yourself or to others so, I am telling the truth. I did not finish today's workout:
100 Overhead Squats for time (95/65)                                    
10 Toe to Bar penalty any time the bar comes down from the overhead position.
Men:  95 lbs.
Women:  65 lbs.

I was psyched to do this when I first read it on the website. I was going to use 45 pounds and do my best. My max OHS is 70# so I felt that this was not an unreasonable expectation. I should have know that there was trouble brewing when I looked around and once again panicked and reduced the weight to 40 lbs. Lesson learned today ,do not determine what weight I will use by looking at others. Be confident that I know myself and if I have a question, ASK A COACH!
To make a long story short, I was doing fine with the 40 lbs but then a little temporary medical issue came up which made me take a 60 second break which means I was 60 seconds behind every one. Which meant that I was going to be last so, at 75, I stopped. I could have finished, I could have done the knees to elbows(barely), I could have picked up the bar again and done the remaining 25 but I didn't, I quit.
I became too self conscious, I let my ego get in the way.
So, what did I learn? To finish unless I am physically unable to do so. I was so mad at myself the whole rest of the day that I was either on the verge of tears or I was going to kill the next person who got it my way. Not a good way to spend a day. I am definitely going to try not to do that again. That's all a person can do, is try.

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  1. Karen, Here is the solution to not finishing last. THe key is to be at the same WOD as me. Yesterday I finished last. Today I finished last , but I did finish the workout - scaled of course, sore of course, and actually lying on the floor panting last. I will start going to the 8:30 next week.

  2. I had a DNF yesterday during Sugar Daddy, and I felt the SAME WAY. Angry, cursing myself all the way home... mad at myself for quitting. And I only quit because I almost passed out (I have been sick with a cold... and it was definitely pushing it to go to CFNE). Raaah! What's important here is that you learned something from it! Nicely done! Oh and I agree with Susan... come to 5:30 am sometime and you'll never be last! (I will, ha ha!)

  3. Colleen-maybe we are too hard on ourselves, if there are medical issues(and almost passing out is a medical issue) maybe we should give ourselves a break :)) BUT, you are right, I learned something from the experience. As far as the 5:30am class, the only way I could make it is if I stayed up all night :))