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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reebok and Crossfit-Will Reebok Dethrone Lulu and Inov8??

"Who would have thought that Reebok would be the one to dethrone lululemon athletica? Per capita, CrossFit is likely one of the most consumer-driven communities in fitness or sports...."

"As CrossFit's emphasis on sport continues to grow, so will CrossFit's profile and marketability. As a result, brand preferences will change.  Styles will change. And it is already happening. At the genesis of this shift away from lululemon and towards Reebok is a simple fact: Athletes want to be treated more like athletes. 
CrossFit, The Sport...
Lindsey Smith and several of CrossFit's top females
lululemon is an institution within the CrossFit community. So is the shoe brand, Inov-8.  But to those at LULU, CrossFit is often categorized as a gym, a bootcamp, or a fitness class. Much less often, a sportIn many ways, there is little room in the business model for the CrossFit sport that is becoming."      KEEP READING......

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