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Monday, April 18, 2011

I Chose the Wrench!

Kevin, I chose the wrench!!!
I looked at the workout and my first thought was "no way, I'm not going to do this."
AMRAP 20 of:
400 meter Run
Max Pull ups

It is well documented on this blog how I feel about running (not my favorite) and I haven't done pull ups forever due to "golfers elbow" (or the more commonly know tendinitis).  It was really painful after WODS that included pull ups and it made working pretty difficult so I had stopped doing them for about 3 months.
My perfect excuse right! I could get out of this WOD and it was a good way to avoid more running.
BUT, the Crossfit mentality has seemed to have invaded my psyche. We don't "cherry pick". We don't give up, we try to do our best all the time. We "choose the wrench"!!.
Crossfit Lisbeth had a blog post recently which hit the nail on the head, "If you really want to achieve, you have to throw down the crutches. You have to be a big girl or boy and toss down the fears, the excuses, and . . . the external motivators.
Basically you have to want to do it for yourself. Not for someone else or to get a reward. Just want to do it for you!
In this workout I wanted to do the damn pull ups. I had worked hard and long to get the freaking pull ups and I wanted to use them!! So, I did. And, I did the running. And, I felt pretty damn awesome when I was done!!
That is why I do Crossfit. That is why I love Crossfit!

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  1. Perfect Karen....that's what it's all about. Doing what we don't want to do, is sometimes actually what we DO want to do (and need to do.) The wrench is just a metaphor for all the stuff that is going to hurt, but it's good for us. Take the hard road! Way to go!