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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glad to Be 55 Years Old??

     I recently had a birthday and I turned 54 years old. The whole allure of the birthday and the celebrations that ensue lose their luster at a certain age. For me it was 50. In my mind 50 was old and the start down the road to becoming infirm. An exaggeration I know but you get the picture. I didn't like turning 50.
     Recently though, I have come to embrace getting older. Next year I will turn 55 and be able to compete in the Crossfit Masters Division in the 55-59 age bracket. That is a good thing, I can do those weights. Lets be clear, I can do some of the "Women's" weights, versus the "Masters Women" (chest thumping now) but the Master's weights are much more manageable. It's kind of exciting as a matter of fact! Now, I just need to get better at double unders, and pull ups, and push ups, and toes to bar................................... On second thought, maybe I should wait until I'm 60 :)

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