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Friday, April 1, 2011

Is it Ever OK to NOT "Choose the Wrench"??

Is there any room in the Crossfit world for a person to be fearful of humiliation? Is it ever OK to NOT "choose the wrench"?     

I am not sure of the answer. We are taught to constantly push ourselves, to go to the next level, ignore the pain and push through, try things we thought we never could, etc.  Is it ever acceptable to just say, "No, I'm not doing that, I suck at that"?
Yesterday, we were scheduled to do 100-meter sprints, six times on the minute. Now, my relationship with running is strained at best. I have written before that if I ran any slower I would be going backwards. It is not a strength and it has been this way my entire life. I have worked on it, trained and ran the Tufts 10K, spent plenty of time on the treadmill, but it has not gotten appreciably better.  And honestly, becoming a better runner is not a life goal of mine. I am ok with this.

The  questions come up for me when WODs include running that is to be completed as a group, like yesterday -- when my very apparent lack of speed would be very evident as I came in last in every sprint. Is there room in the Crossfit culture for me to be afraid of feeling humiliated?  I do not avoid workouts that include running as a component of the WOD. The other day we were to run 2.5 miles as well as other movements and I made sure to go. I just don't want to be the standout straggler in the group runs.

So, what do people think? Should I "Just DO It" and be miserable or is it OK  to play it safe once in a while?

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