f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: Another Arguement for Paleo Eating!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Arguement for Paleo Eating!!

I found the following article on a business website.  See, everybody is realizing it is time to get healthy!!

"Paleo living is actually pretty easy to understand and implement. Eat meat. Eat vegetables and fruit. Drink water. Ignore processed foods, including dairy and (especially) grains. Watch in amazement as the weight melts off, your cravings go away, and you fairly rapidly become healthy. Yes, it really is that easy.

Before you scoff at the thought of cutting out grains and dairy forever, consider some statistics about Americans and food-related diseases.

-Nearly two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese.
-One out of every eight deaths in America is caused by an illness directly related to overweight and obesity.
-Obesity and extra weight leads directly to diabetes, and the underlying complications that come with diabetes: heart disease, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney failure, nerve/brain damage.
-25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes.
-79 million Americans have pre-diabetes, all of whom face the same health complications as diabetics."
Keep reading the entire article if you would like to live a healthier life. It's really quite easy 

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