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Thursday, July 21, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

Don't quit can be applied to pretty much everything in life. Your job, your relationship, your workout, whatever. And a lot of the time, when it gets tough, aren't we tempted to stop, to quit. To say, "this is too hard".      

I was watching a video of the Again Faster Summit  and Austin Malleolo (one of Crossfit's top competitors) was talking about  mental toughness and Crossfit. It made me really think about whether I was mentally tough and if I saw an improvement in myself when it came time to be tough in a WOD. Or even more importantly,over the past two years of doing Crossfit, had I seen myself improving in every day life when it came time to be strong or "tough", both figuratively and physically.

I think the answer is yes. Absolutely in regards to the physical aspect. In WODS I push myself to do those few extra reps or run that last 100 feet.  I participate in the running WODS and do not cherry pick anymore. I still fret the night before a particularly hard (for me) workout but I always make myself go.

As far as my every day life, I hope I am a stronger person. Crossfit has certainly improved and increased my self confidence. I am proud of myself for doing a Crossfit workout, knowing that many participants may eventually find it "too hard" and not stick with it. As Ben Bergeron of Crossfit New England says:  "We don’t allow any negative words at the gym. Pre-workout, sayings like “this is going to suck,” “I hate burpees” and “5 rounds? This is going to hurt,” aren’t allowed at the gym. Instead we say things like “I am going to get fitter today,” and “I’m going to get better at burpees today.” Our athletes know that thoughts become words, words lead to actions, actions create habits, and habits determine your destiny."
(side note: I think that this shared "pain" makes those of us who continue to come all the time closer than the typical globo gym community. We all go through a WOD together and come out the other side sore, sweaty, and barely breathing but we survive and we are proud.)

So, as a result of my increased self reliance I think that I am better able to handle what the world may throw at me, good and bad. I am better able to control my "destiny". There is a certain tenacity that may not have been there before, a bit more resoluteness and decisiveness. Hopefully I live up to the title of this article "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."
We'll see, there is a lot of life ahead and a lot of WODS to enjoy.

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