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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Feeling Sorry For Myself

I thought I got bad news today and I was feeling sorry for myself. I had hoped the arthroscopic surgery would help my knee but as it turns out, I need to replace parts of my knee ie: a partial knee replacement. My knee has absolutely no cartilage and the bones are just grinding against each other.  Age, working out for 30 years, genetics, all play a part in the deterioration.  So I spent the rest of the day, after finding out, throwing myself a little pity party.
Then I get home tonight and find  this video posted by the  CrossFit Affiliate Community   on Facebook.
".......     This week meet Kyle Maynard. Despite being born without arms or legs, Maynard has played football, wrestled, and he's hoping to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. ........." click to watch the video    
I can still walk in to my Crossfit Affiliate every day, walk to my job and use my arms every day,etc...
Lesson Learned, be grateful for what you can do Karen and don't focus on what you can't. 

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  1. I too have no cartilage and am bone-on-bone and was told the same thing about my knee but to wait to replace until I couldn't stand the pain any longer. Drs Rx was to stop all activity including walking and any and all weight training. Did this for several years and became fat and depressed. Started into body weight-martial arts program for 1 year and still had knee pain if I pushed it. Then into Crossfit and 4 months in my knee is pain free! I am even able to do jump rope and box jumps!

  2. Wow-how awesome for you! I was told to take prescription Advil and to keep off it :( Finally I found a Doctor who realized that even though I was older I still wanted to work out.

  3. I forgot to include that about a year ago I had a series of cocks comb injections into the knee and it helped a lot with reducing the pain/swelling. I'm convinced that the squats and Oly lifts are what have built back strength around the knee and make it track better, reducing the bone on bone friction. It was slopy before all the lunges and squats. I'll probaly never run again but being able to jump rope and do box jumps puts me closer to being able to enter a master competions. I do ice and use plenty of advil as a precaution when doing the impact stuff, but it's amazing to be able to do this after many, many years of protecting the joint.... Never give up. If you do end up with joint replacement, doing crossfit before will help you recover quicker. Get at strong as possible before the surgery and then hit it hard afterwards... Good luck!