f Why You Are Never Too Old For Crossfit!!!!!: The Muscles You Develop at Crossfit Can Keep You Skinny

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Muscles You Develop at Crossfit Can Keep You Skinny

"Here's the bottom line: a pound of muscle burns 35 to 50 calories a day, just by sitting there on your body. A pound of fat? It burns about 3 to 5 calories a day."

You're Fat Pictures, Images and Photos I know it is hard to convince anyone over 30 that Crossfit is good for you. Many people are entrenched in their daily or thrice weekly zumba class and think that that is all they can handle. The idea of Crossfit is akin to torture to them. Lift weights over 3 pounds, swing 35 lb kettlebells=craziness!
Maybe this article will give you a little more ammunition when you are trying to convince your friends and co-workers that what you do isn't nutty and is really good for you. If nothing else, the example above should motivate them. With muscles, even when sitting around you are burning calories!
Check it out here!

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