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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amazing Injury Comebacks!!

This video was posted on the CF Masters Facebook page,click here--> You Tube.  The various injuries were:
 -John Roethlisberger - torn ACL
-Kristen Maloney - sprained knee, rod inserted into her shin to repair a stress fracture, shoulder surgery to
  repair a torn labrum
-Blaine Wilson - torn bicep
-Annia Hatch - torn ACL
-Jason Gatson - 2 torn ACLs
-Courtney Kupets - torn achilles
-Justin Spring - torn ACL
-Chellsie Memmel - shoulder injury
-Kyle Shewfelt - 2 broken legs

Now I would bet that many of these athletes were told that they could not come back and be able to compete as they had pre-injury. While I realize that we are older and not able to heal as fast as the 20 year olds, I truly believe that with determination and hard work, we can do more than our traditional Doctors think we can!
What do you think?

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