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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Has Crossfit Sold Out??

I don't think so and the author of the following artilcle doesn't think so but there are some people out there sounding the "death knoll".
Here's a small snippet from the article:
"When I first watched the much-ballyhooed Reebok CrossFit commercial -- 2011 Games champ Rick Froning Jr. tweeted the link last Friday; the ad aired during Packers-Giants on Sunday -- I felt like someone plunged an adrenaline needle into my heart. I wanted to run outside and flip my truck down the block..........................
It's funny I felt that way, because some people watched the clipand immediately sounded CrossFit's death knell. On Monday, Gawkerdeclared that "CrossFit is dead," lamenting the same kind of"selling out" that indie rock fans did when the likes of Death Cabfor Cutie, the Shins and Modest Mouse signed with major labels andstarted leasing their songs to car companies."
Next thing you know Crossfit gyms will be popping up at ever suburban strip mall from here to San Diego, and wealthy stay at home moms will start showing up after their yoga classes, and Jillian Michaels will make a Crossfit DVD, and there will be a Crossfit reality show and some MTV kid will get MADE, into someone who can do 20 pullups. And then there will be the inevitable Under Armour- Reebok- Nike Crossfit sneaker wars, until every Crossfit club is owned and branded, and there will be a pro tour and youth leagues and fashion shoots and celebrity endorsements and doping scandals and cheating.

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