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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Paleo Diet: How do I convince someone to try it?"

Another great post from Robb Wolf !!
It served as a good reminder to me that only some people will be willing to listen to how I eat and how much better I have felt due to the changes I have made in my diet. All you can do is give your friends and loved ones suggestions and serve as a good example, you cannot make someone change. (even if it is better for them)
The Paleo Solution and 30 Day Total Transformation
Robb Wolf-Paleo Diet

Some excerpts:

"…I love helping people, I want desperately to get this information out to folks and see them thrive and live a long, productive life. But I will not waste my time on someone unwilling to change. That one person, that one roadblock…the know-it-all who prefers sickness to change is wasting my time and that means the person who WOULD change may not get the message in time.

And let’s be crystal-f..king-clear about the onerous task I am asking of folks to save their own skins:

Try it.
For 30 days.
Tell me what happened.
That’s it. 30 days, and we will know if it “Did or did Not.”


"7 Steps to Success"

"The program that I laid out in my book is pretty solid and it was born of observing people both succeed and fail in the attempt to change their lives. Here are the broad brush-strokes of what you need to do to change:
1-Clean out the entire house. All the crap get’s bagged up and donated to charity. The crap you are trying to justify saving for the kids will undermine your efforts, follow the program.
2-Go shopping. Use my shopping and food guide and go get some chow. A lot. Learn to cook, use the food matrix.
3-Go to bed early. In a dark room. Repeat daily.
4-Get some exercise. I do not care what kind. Make sure it is appropriate for your fitness level. I personally like lifting weights, but I’m just kind of a meat head. Do what you like.
5-Do this for 30 days. Change takes time. Patterns establish with repetition. Most psychology gurus say we need to do something for 21 days to affect change. Fine, we’ll go 30.
6-Track progress. I describe how to do it in the book, I provided a reminder here. If you ask me about your weight, we are going to have a hell of a problem!
7-Report your experience."

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