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Monday, October 8, 2012

A NEW Crossfit eBook


Free for download on October 14th,15th,16th

" CrossFit for Beginners: New eBook Helps Beginners to Get Started With CrossFit Training"

"St.Paul, MN October 8, 2012 – Pete Finson has just released new eBook “CrossFit Training Basics”. Targeted mainly to CrossFit beginners, the book is a thorough guide into CrossFit Training.
“There is so much information about CrossFit available these days especially online, that it can be difficult for a CrossFit beginner to know where to start from. The idea of this book is to act as all-in-one guide for all beginners out there and help them to get started with CrossFit training safely and effortlessly.” says Finson.
The eBook provides answers to such questions as What Is CrossFit Training and How To Get Started With CrossFit Training. Topics like Benefits of CrossFit Training, CrossFit Training at Home and CrossFit and Nutrition are also covered in detail in this eBook.
“CrossFit Training Basics” eBook is currently available for Kindle devices on Amazon.com and can be downloaded for free on October 14th, 15th, and 16th.

About Pete Finson
Pete Finson is an independent author and self-publisher. His passion is to find answers to one question: “How to stay healthy and happy?” He has contributed to many health, food and weight loss related websites and has just recently started sharing his knowledge through eBook publishing.
For more information visit www.petefinson.info"

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