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Monday, October 22, 2012

"The Ten Things That Happen When You Do Crossfit!!"

This is a great blog post which has been posted and re-posted on Facebook a number of times!
I am going to just give the bullet points and my take on them and then leave you with the link, HERE,  so you can read the authors descriptions.

1. You will find out how truly out of shape you are
-the first time I did an elements class I thought that I would have a heart attack.  I had been doing my standard stationary bike riding and treadmill walking at the traditional gym. I thought I was in great cardiovascular shape. NOT!!

2.  You will realize how fat you and other regular people are compared to real athletes.
-I will never forget the day I had my first body fat percentage done. I think I was depressed for  a week. In addition, I can honestly say that this is when I started to really try to follow the Paleo eating plan.

3.  You will begin learning the lingo and using it without feeling like a dork
-all I can say for this one is I finally know what everything means. I'm not sure if I always feel comfortable actually speaking "crossfit". 

4.  Your friends and family will start Googling the term CrossFit and giving you warnings.
 -everybody who doesn't do crossfit has heard something, or knows someone who is hurt or hurting or, whatever. I just tune it out.

5.  You will get insanely good at counting.
-the games I play to get through 50 burpees is amazing. I count by tens, count up, count down, whatever will get me through. The hardest part is keeping track of the actual number so I don't do less or more.

6.  You'll begin to respect endurance and stamina.
-I have been crossfitting for 3 years and to this day, any person young or old who just keeps plugging away and who doesn't collapse on the floor, is my hero! The only consolation I have that keeps me going is the belief that I am still in better shape than most women my age. 

7.  You will gain weight at first. 
 -this is true. As a result our scale did not have any batteries in it for over a year!

8.  You'll notice an uptick in energy
- I have tremendous energy during the day. Come night time though, I am ready for bed!

9.  You will learn about your mental weakness.
-I have a really hard time being watched when I work out. Therefore, partner WODS or team WODS had, in the past, signaled to me that it was time to take a "rest"day. I have recently found that while I still don't enjoy them, I have come to realize that they are an important tool when teaching me self confidence and to push me to work harder than I had thought I was capable. I am much less apt to put my hands on my knees when someone is watching and counting than when I am by myself.

10. You will learn a lot about your mental toughness.
-this is an interesting one. I cannot remember how many times I am mid-wod and think to myself, "what the f@$k am I doing, this is craziness. I want to quit, I think I may cry!" But, I don't quit or cry and I am proud when I am done. 

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