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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did You Know- Gatorade has an Ingredient in it That was Originally used as a Flame Retardant?

If not please read on!!

From SHAPE Magazine: 13 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.

....................“For numerous suspicious and disturbing reasons, the U.S. has allowed foods that are banned in many other developed countries into our food supply,” says nutritionist Mira Calton who, together with her husband Jayson Calton, Ph.D., wrote the Rich Food, Poor Food  book, due out this February.
During a six-year expedition that took them to 100 countries on seven continents, the Caltons studied more than 150 ingredients and put together a comprehensive list of the top 13 problematic products that are forbidden by governments, outside the U.S., due to their detrimental effects on human health."..............................“If you see any of the following ingredients listed on the nutrition label, don’t buy the product,” Calton warns. “Leaving these banned bad boys on the shelves will speak volumes to grocery stores and food manufactures about what informed consumers simply won’t tolerate.”

Ingredients: Coloring agents (blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5, and yellow 6) 
Found In: Cake, candy, macaroni and cheese, medicines, sport drinks, soda, pet food, and cheese

Ingredient: Olestra (aka Olean  
Found In: Fat-free potato chips

Ingredient:Brominated vegetable oil (aka BVO)  GATORADE/POWERADE
Found In: Sports drinks and citrus-flavored sodas
WHY:Scientists originally created brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, for use as a flame retardant in plastics, but the food industry has been adding the compound to certain sodas, sports drinks, and juices for decades to keep the artificial flavoring from separating and floating to the top of the can, bottle, or glass. 

Ingredient:Potassium bromate (aka brominated flour) 
Found In: Rolls, wraps, flatbread, bread crumbs, and bagel chips

Ingredient: Azodicarbonamide 
Found In: Breads, frozen dinners, boxed pasta mixes, and packaged baked goods

Ingredients: Synthetic hormones (rBGH and rBST) 
Found In: Milk and dairy products

Ingredients: BHA and BHT Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Boo Berry, Frosted Mini Wheats (three types), Raisin Brain Xtra, and even Total.( READ this article:Does Your Kids’ Cereal Contain BHT or BHA – An Ingredient in Jet Fuels? Mine Did.)
Found In: Cereal, nut mixes, gum, butter, meat, dehydrated potatoes, and beer

Ingredient: Arsenic 
Found In: Poultry
WHY:  “The arsenic affects the blood vessels in chickens and turkeys, causing them to appear pinker and, therefore, fresher,” Calton says.

Read the entire article HERE

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