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Thursday, February 28, 2013


This piece was written by a coach at Crossfit New England. I think that it sums up perfectly how many of us feel about Crossfit and how it adds so much to our lives (and not just physically). Give it a read and see if this is how you feel after and hour at your Crossfit Box.

"Cookies of Fortune
I’ve always been wary of taking the advice of cookies or cookie peddlers. I would be hesitant to classify The Keebler Elves among the great thinkers of our time. And quite frankly, when it comes to fortune cookies I never thought it wise to live by the often misspelled words found inside refined sugar and white flour. However, I changed my position recently as I was the beneficiary of tremendous advice from such a confection.
Deliciously wise.
Deliciously wise.
As I discarded the stale cookie, I contemplated it’s sage words. I reflected on the many times that CrossFit and to a greater extent CFNE served as a coping mechanism for grief, big and small. The workouts, the people, the air, and the feel all combine to create an environment replete with positive energy. It’s a panacea for negativity. For a brief moment, I picture Ben in a top hat and tails, standing atop a wagon, holding a jar labeled CFNE. My advice to you, skeptical onlooker, take a heaping spoonful.
What occurs in our small corner of Massachusetts can only be described as a phenomenon. People of all ages and from all walks of life come together to share in this feast of physical and emotional health and wealth. Some come in need of an infusion of energy; while others come ready and willing to share their bounty. The roles are not constant, and  for the most part, the players are unaware of whether they are giving or taking. Regardless of the actual processes, the results are the same — we all leave better than we came.
For many, including myself, CFNE is an escape from the rigors and worries of the outside world. One-hour each day we are privileged with the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in positive energy. It’s a chance to turn down the noise of our busy minds and reboot. Whether you need a quick hit to deal with that one terrible moment or a recurring dose to get you through trying times, you can find it here.
It’s a simple prescription. The next time you are having a no good, very bad day, find your cure for grief in motion. I guarantee you leave in a better state than you came.
There is of course a greater lesson here…always trust cookies and strange men selling mysterious potions."



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