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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Think Before You WOD!

      How many times, when you have a decision to make, have you been told to "sleep on it" or "take a minute" before you make a move. It's always wiser to choose your path after giving it some thought.
     This is true with personal decisions, work decisions, and for workout decisions.  You wouldn't go into battle without a plan, and the same should hold true for a WOD. Granted, there are exceptions -- a 3-minute AMRAP perhaps. But even then I would argue that a little strategy wouldn't hurt!  

    Ben Bergeron, owner of Crossfit New England, reminded us the other day that, while rest moments occur in every WOD, it is better to plan out the length of them beforehand, or that 5-second rest can turn into a 30-second rest without you realizing it.
clock running  legs and feet.      So, my suggestion to all of us participating in the opens and for every WOD from here on in, give the workout a little thought and strategize. You'll save yourself some time in the long run, and maybe even set a PR.

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