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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paleo Police-Please Listen!

An interesting blogpost about Paleo and how you/me/us choose to eat paleo. What is right and wrong? Is there a right and wrong? Read it through, it makes you think.

FROM:  http://primaltoad.com/police/
"Dear Paleo Police,
Please stop your attempt to tell someone how they can or can not eat. There is no right or wrong way to eat “Paleo.”
I never stated that I eat 100% Paleo (whatever that means) and never will. I don’t believe in ditching all grains, all legumes and all dairy for life.
I don’t believe in perfection. What is perfect? Either nothing is or everything is. The world we live in is amazing. Just step outside and take a walk. Use your 5 senses. (Thanks to Mark Sisson for discussing this in his new book The Primal Connection).
Stating that all neolithic foods are horrible and all paleolithic foods are great is illogical. It’s stupid and wrong. I’ve learned that MY body is terrible at digesting nuts and seeds but is genius at digesting oatmeal. Nuts and seeds are known as a “Paleo” approved food while oatmeal is not. What gives?
If you want to improve the health of society then you must remain open-minded. You must know what your beliefs are but you must be open to change your beliefs. It was my willingness to believe that saturated fat was healthy that got me into “Paleo.”

Paleo is a GREAT eating template if…

Paleo is a great eating template if it states to ditch all grains, legumes and dairy from factory-farmed cows while clearly stating that doing it for life may NOT be the best solution in the long-term.
Paleo is a great eating template if seeking out quality is emphasized.
Paleo is a great eating template if it emphasizes that all individuals are unique and that millions of human beings may thrive – yes, THRIVE – by eating sourdough bread and drinking raw, grass-fed milk on a frequent basis. Those same humans may NOT thrive on some veggies like broccoli or other foods like raw almonds with the skin.
Paleo is a great eating template if it emphasizes self-experimentation and states that there are NO true rules – only made up ones that vary from person to person.
Paleo is a great eating template if, and only if above all else, it encourages one to LIVE LIFE and to NOT worry about stupid little details unless it’s 100% necessary or if you are not chronically stressing about it. If you have Celiac Disease then avoid gluten at all costs. If you think you have 5 pounds to lose to be at your ideal weight,yet can’t manage to lose those 5 pounds and are stressing about it daily, then GET OVER IT. You may be at your “ideal” weight which fluctuates over time anyways!
You are a human being and that in and of itself is a freaking miracle. Your life is amazing. Savor it.
What if 2013 was the last year of all life as we know it? Would you shout at human beings stating how they should eat or would you let them live these final days as they wish? Would you eat strictly Paleo or would you experiment more and find out if oatmeal nourishes you in that moment of time while nuts may not?
Cheers to a GREAT life,

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