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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Unique Crossfit Perspective and Language

I saw a funny post on Facebook the other day:
"You know you are a MOM when someone says
they have a stomach ache and you ask if they have pooped lately".

It got me to thinking, what does a Crossfitter say to certain statements that is a bit different than the NON-Crossfitter:

"I Have a Headache"
TRADITIONAL- Take some Advil
CROSSFITTER-You need to drink more water

"My back is killing me"
TRADITIONAL-Take some Advil
CROSSFITTER-Have you rolled it?

"My knee is really sore"
TRADITIONAL-Take some Advil
CROSSFITTER-Do you take Fish Oil?

"I had a great steak last night"
TRADITIONAL-What cut was it?
CROSSFITTER-Was it grass fed?

You are given the compliment:  "You look slim"
TRADITIONAL-I've been doing Weight Watchers and/or Jenny Craig
CROSSFITTER-Thanks. I've been Zoning

These are a few of the examples I have come up with. What are yours??

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  1. "My pants size went up."
    TRADITIONAL- You still look great. I put on a few pounds, too.
    CROSSFITTER- That's because your quads are booming!

  2. Good one Sara!! In the same vein:

    Does my ass look big?
    TRADITIONAL: No, it looks the same
    CROSSFITTER: A little, you must be able to do some killer squats!!!!